How do you accrue a pension?

You accrue pension income in 3 ways:
A. State (AOW) pension: you will receive this from the government if you live or work in the Netherlands. Read more at
B. Your pension with us: you accrue this through your employer. The Pensioen 1-2-3 is about this pension.
C. Income that you arrange yourself (in the form of general savings, an annuity or savings in a blocked account with your bank (banksparen).

Each year, you accrue a portion of your pension; your total pension is the sum of each portion. This is called an average salary scheme. You will start to receive this life-long pension when you retire.

Although you accrue pension every year, the amount you accrue will not be based on your full gross salary. You will not accrue any pension on € 16,322.- annually (2023), because we take your future state pension into account. In this scheme, you will accrue a pension of 1.875% on the salary remaining but only up to a salary of € 128,810,- annually (2023).

We receive contributions for your pension. Your payslips specify your share of the contributions paid. Your employer contributes too.

In layer 2 in My pension you can read more about these subjects (only available in Dutch).