When will you need to take action?

If you change jobs. In this situation, you could decide to transfer the pension you have accrued to your new pension administrator.

If you become disabled, or if some aspect of your disability percentage changes.

If you are getting married, becoming a registered partner, or if you and your partner are moving in together.

If you are getting a divorce, ending your registered partnership or are no longer cohabiting.

If you move abroad or within a country abroad.

If you become unemployed.

If you start to work more or less.

If you take unpaid leave.

Once a year, check the amount of pension you have accrued:

  • on your annual Uniform Pension Overview (UPO)
  • via My pension on the website
  • mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl to see your state pension and the pension you have accrued via your employers. You will see your net pension amount here too.

If you want to choose how your pension will work for you, see Which options do you have?.

If you have any questions about things you need to do yourself or about your pension options, see our website. Alternatively, contact us.

In layer 2 in My pension you can read more about these subjects (only available in Dutch).