Higher or lower

Our pension plan allows you to adjust the level of your pension benefit. You start by receiving a higher pension benefit on your retirement date and then it decreases later. It’s also possible to do it the other way around.

The only condition is that your highest pension benefit is at least equal to 75% of your lowest pension benefit. You can only choose to do this once, when you retire. You make this decision for 5 or 10 years.

What should you do?

  • If you are going to retire at 68, you will receive an application form from us six months before that date. Indicate your choice and return the form to us no later than 3 months before your retirement date.
  • If you are retiring early, please contact us 6 months before the date on which you wish to retire.

We will recalculate your pension. We will do that in line with the rules in the pension regulations. You will receive an offer from us containing all the new amounts. If you agree with the offer, we will arrange things further for you.