Exchanging pension

You are shortly due to retire. There is still time to adjust your pension, for example by exchanging retirement pension for partner’s pension or vice versa. You can only choose to do this once, when you retire. That choice cannot be reversed at a later date.

Would you like additional retirement pension?
You can convert all or part of the partner’s pension into additional retirement pension. Your partner must agree to this and sign to confirm their agreement. You will receive a higher pension later on. If you die, your partner will receive less partner’s pension or none at all.

Would you like more partner’s pension?
You can convert part of your retirement pension into additional partner’s pension. If you die, your partner will receive more partner’s pension. You will receive a lower pension later on.

What should you do?

  • If you are going to retire at 68 you will receive an application form from us six months before that date. Indicate your choice and return the form to us no later than three months before your retirement date.
  • If you are retiring early, please contact us six months before the date on which you wish to retire.

We will recalculate your pension. We will do that in line with the rules in the pension regulations. You will receive an offer from us. It will contain all the amounts following the exchange. If you are in agreement, we will arrange things further for you.