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We use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • Functional or essential cookies. These ensure the proper and secure technical operation of our website.
  • to improve our services and pension products.
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We handle your personal data securely
We have agreed with Achmea Pension Services on terms to protect your privacy, including terms relating to the protection of your personal data. In addition, our systems and applications are securely protected. The cookies we store never contain your telephone number and email address. You will find more information – including on your rights – in our Privacy Statement. We also set cookies on behalf of other companies, which serve those companies’ purposes. These cookies are subject to the privacy policies of the individual companies.

We use 2 types of cookies

  • Functional or essential cookies. These ensure the proper and secure technical operation of our website.
  • Analytical cookies. We use these to anonymously collect information on, for example, the use of our website. This helps us to improve the site and make it more user-friendly. We also use it to store the following information:
    - technical data, including your IP address, browser type and the device you are using.
    - the website which directed you to our site.
    - when, and how long, you visit or use our website.
    - which pages you visit on our website.

All web browsers provide the option to delete your cookies
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The Cookie Statement may be amended in the future
For example, if there are any changes in the law. In this case, we will modify the Statement to comply with these changes.

Types of cookies we use

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