Complaints and disputes

We endeavour to provide the best possible service and do our utmost to arrange the administration and benefits as well as possible. Nevertheless, things can still go wrong. We would like you to report any complaints to us and help us to improve our services. The pension fund deals with your complaint according to the complaints procedure (pdf, in Dutch).

These are the steps. The order is important:

  1. Forward the complaint to the pension provider (Achmea Pensioenservices) via contact.
  2. Not satisfied with the answer from the pension provider? Pass the complaint on to the board of the pension fund.
  3. Not satisfied with the board's response? Please forward the complaint to the 'Geschilleninstantie Pensioenfondsen' for advice. Have we not provided a solution to your complaint within 12 weeks or do you disagree with the outcome? Then there is a dispute. To this end, you can request mediation or a ruling from the Pension Funds Disputes Body. Please visit for more information and the contact details of the ‘Geschilleninstantie Pensioenfondsen’.
  4. Not satisfied with the board's response? Or did you not get further with the advice? Then go to court.

The pension agreement will be governed by Dutch law. Disputes in which you cannot reach an agreement with the fund, including disputes concerning the existence and validity of the pension agreement, will be settled by the competent Dutch court.