Board of Directors

J&J Pension Fund OFP has another governance compared to Dutch pension funds. She has an Accountability body, a Board of Directors and a Social Committee (or Pension Board).

The Board of Directors guarantees a good, careful and prudential management of the OFP in the interest of the pensions managed by the OFP for all member countries. The members of the Board are representatives of the employer and are appointed by the General Assembly.

Naam Function in board
Tanja Bastens chair and member of the Investment Committee
Kris Praet board member and member of the Investment Committee
Hilde Claes board member
Martin Mitev board member
Dave Geelan board member
Carmen Kisters board member
Paul Korte board member NL

Member of the Investment Committee (not in the Board): Benoit Mennes.

In the General Assembly representatives of all employers are appointed for. There are standard members and extraordinary member. The standard members are employers with 100 or more employees which entrusted their pension to the OFP. They have voting rights. The extraordinary members have less than 100 employees. They have no voting rights.