Social Committee’s 2021 Annual Report now available online

The Social Committee (Pensioenraad) has published its annual report over 2021.

The Social Committee advices the board of the pension fund and the employers, among others about the content of the pension scheme, the funding plans and the communication policy. The Committee reports about this each year in its annual report. In addition, the Pension Council is involved in an Employer and Employee (E+E) workgroup, which has been set up in preparation for the new pension system.

2021 was a productive year
A lot of work has been done both by the Pension Council and the pension fund manager and now we are working hard on the implementation of the new pension agreement. In addition, an advice has been issued on the indexation for inactive people and the project for sustainable employability has been resumed.

Future Pensions Act (Pension Agreement)
The enactment of the agreement into a new law is postponed by one year as almost 800 responses to the motion were filed. Due to the complexity of the new law, pension funds will be given one extra year to implement the new pension system (the new deadline is January 1, 2027). Stay informed of current developments and the progression of the E+E workgroup. You will receive a notification when a new update is available. All updates are available at My pension.

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No indexation of inactive participants in 2022
Due to the additional payments in 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the Pension Council does not consider it useful in 2021 to provide advice on the indexation of inactive participants over 2020 as of 01-01-2022. An advice for indexation as per 01-01-2023 was provided in 2022. This request is still pending.

Project Sustainable employability
In 2021 the project for sustainable employability has been resumed. A number of statutory provisions are now also in effect, including the Early Retirement and Vacation Saving Schemes. Human Resources consulted with Total Rewards in February of 2022. This request is still pending.

What has happened within the Pension Council itself?
The composition of the Pension Council did not change in 2021. At the start of 2022, our Pension Fund Manager, Ron Verhulst, should fully focus on developing the Pension Agreement. He will continue to support the Council in word and deed. His operational managerial tasks have been transferred to Kathelyne Nijs, Sr. Analyst J&J Pension Fund OFP. Every quarter, the Pension Council holds one or more virtual meetings to discuss the work of the 3 committees and the progress being made.

Curious about all developments in 2021?
You can find the 2021 Annual Report of the Social Committee in layer 3 of Pensioen 1-2-3 at My pension.

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