Pension agreement update # 9 is ready for you

Update on Future Pensions Act

The Employer+Employee (E+E) work group has regular consultations on the new Pension Agreement. They would like to keep you informed of developments in the E+E updates. You can find this update and previous updates on My Pension in My Archive.

My Pension

J&J Pension Fund OFP has put together a digital Pension Agreement Special newsletter
The digital Pension Agreement Special newsletter contains everything currently known about the Pension Agreement. See our webpage Newsletters if you would like to read this newsletter again. The update before you has been written to give you an idea of what the Pension Agreement Special newsletter covers.

Read the full pension agreement special newsletter

Why was the work group set up?
The working group consists of delegates from employers and employees, supplemented by members of the Pension Council and the Manager of Pensions for the Netherlands. Together, they ensure that the right choices can be made for J&J pension scheme.

Do you want to know more about the Pension Agreement?
Visit our Pension agreement web page for more information.