You have children or you are expecting a child. Your children will be entitled to orphan’s pension if you die. We do impose a few conditions however.

What should you do?

  • Do you live in the Netherlands?
    You do not need to register your child. We will get all the details from the municipality you live in.
  • Do you live abroad?
    Report the birth of your child to the pension fund.
  • Do you have step-children or foster children?
    And would you like them to be eligible for orphan’s pension? You will need to register them with the pension fund yourself.

What are the criteria?

  • your child must have been born before you retire and
  • your child must be under 18 or
  • your child must be under 27 (if attending an educational establishment for more than 20 hours a week)

The orphan’s pension is 14% of the retirement pension. All the amounts will appear on your annual pension statement.