If you die, your partner and/or children may receive a benefit payment from the pension fund.

What else do you need to know?
The amount of partner’s and orphan’s pension depends on your situation at the time of your death. All the amounts can be found on your Uniform Pension Overview (Uniform Pension Overview or 'UPO') on My pension, in 'Mijn Archief'.

What should your surviving dependants do?
We will contact your surviving dependants in the event of your death. We can only do that if we have your most recent details. Do you live abroad? Please notify us of any changes. Please, contact us.

Do we have your private e-mailaddress already?
Please, check if J&J Pension Fund OFP has your private e‑mail address. This will ensure that we are always able to contact you and make sure you don't miss any news about our pension fund. On My pension you can check or adjust your e-mail address.