You are going to start cohabiting. If you die, your partner may be entitled to partner’s pension. However, there are a number of criteria to be satisfied. You need to register your partner with the pension fund too.

What are the criteria?

  • The cohabitation contract must be drawn up before you retire.
  • The cohabitation agreement must be authenticated by a notary public and must designate your partner as the beneficiary of partner’s pension.
  • Your partner may not be a relative by blood or affinity in the direct line.
  • You and your partner must be registered with the municipal authority at the same address.
  • Your partner must be registered with the pension fund.

How do you register your partner?
Send us a copy of your cohabitation agreement. You only need to send the first page and the page showing that your partner is the designated beneficiary for partner’s pension.

If everything is in order you will receive confirmation from us that your partner is now registered. Would you like to know what is arranged for your partner? All the amounts will appear on your annual pension statement.