Divorce or separation

You and your partner are getting divorced. That means you need to reach agreements about your pension.

The law states that your ex-partner is entitled to half of the retirement pension that was accrued up until the divorce. This is known as equalisation. You and your partner may make alternative arrangements. These arrangements must then be recorded in your divorce agreement or marriage settlement.

What should you do?

  • If you choose equalisation
    Report this to the pension fund within two years of your divorce. You can use the government form for this. After two years, equalisation through our pension fund is no longer possible.
  • If you and your partner make alternative arrangements
    Please contact us about this. Please include a copy of your marriage settlement or divorce agreement.

Your ex-partner will receive a statement from us showing all the pension amounts. You can find all the information on your annual pension statement.

Must you deregister your partner?
The pension fund will want to be informed of your divorce. We need this information in order to calculate your pension.

  • Are you married or a registered partner and living in the Netherlands?
    The municipality you live in will notify us of the change.
  • Do you live abroad?
    You will need to deregister your partner with the pension fund by yourself.

Special partner’s pension
If you get divorced, your ex-partner is entitled to part of the partner’s pension: the amount of partner’s pension that was accrued up until you divorced. That is called the special partner’s pension.