Frequently asked questions

Pension overview

You receive a pension overview once every year. If you're no longer a participant in our pension plan, we make these statements available once a year on My pension at My archive. After you have left employment, we will send you a pension overview once every 5 years.

No. You cannot see the equalised pension on your pension statement. The pension for your ex-partner is deducted from your pension. You will also not see your ex-partner's pension on your pension statement.

Yes. The pension that you received by value transfer is not listed separately on your pension statement. The value transfer has been processed in your pension statement if you received a confirmation from us. If you have not yet received confirmation then your request for value transfer has not yet been processed in our records.

You will receive a pension statement every year. If you are no longer a member of our pension plan, you will receive your pension statement once every 5 years. If you did not receive a pension statement, please contact us.

We do not know your partner's name. Under Married and/or Living together you can read how and when you need to register your partner with the pension fund. Are you married or in a registered partnership? We will automatically be given the name of your partner by the municipality where you live.


Yes, if you lived and died in The Netherlands, your partner receives the partner's pension automatically. However, your partner’s details must be known to the pension fund. Cohabiting partners have to have their cohabitation agreement checked bij the pension fund. We are notified of your death by your municipality in The Netherlands.

The partner's pension is paid to your partner for life.

Divorce or separation

There is a legal right to pension distribution. That means that if your ex-partner wants to share the pension then you are required to cooperate.

You and your ex-partner each request pension distribution from your own pension administrators. Read more about this at Divorce.

No, it is not obligatory. It is possible to make other arrangements with your ex-partner. These must be recorded in a divorce settlement. The 50/50 split is the legal right.


No, your employer registers you with the pension fund. If you live with someone outside of marriage then you must register your partner yourself. That is important for the partner's pension.

You will receive an annual pension statement from your pension fund. Check this statement well, this is about your income for later. In addition, you will receive detailed information about your pension plan within three months after you start to participate in the pension plan. For more information, please contact us.

If you start work somewhere then it is important that you know how much pension you are accruing and whether that will be enough for you later. You can also look at whether it is wise to have your pension transferred from your previous employer to your new employer. This is called value transfer.

Moving house

No, we receive your new address details automatically from your municipality. If you move abroad then you do need to pass on your new address.

Occupational disability

In many cases the employer notifies the pension fund. It is a good idea to do it yourself as well.

The 'WIA benefit' via (website only available in Dutch) is based on a certain maximum salary. If you earn more than this maximum salary then you will have less income during occupational disability. Therefore, the pension fund offers an disability pension to prevent a drop in income.

Yes, you will continue to accrue pension during occupational disability.

Other job

No, once pension has been accrued it is and will remain yours. You can leave your pension at your pension fund or take it with you to your new pension administrator.

If you are considering taking your pension with you then you will need a quotation. You can apply for this quotation from your current pension fund. The pension fund issues a quotation, which often takes several months. Based on the quotation, you can decide whether to take your pension with you. It is a good idea to work together with an adviser to assess the offer.

Because then all your pensions are kept together and you will not be receiving pension from multiple pension administrators. In some cases taking pension with you is a good idea. In other cases, it is not wise to take your pension with you. Ask for advice from your adviser.

Pension accrual

No, you cannot accrue more pension in the pension plan. You can possibly accrue more pension in an individual insurance.

No, you cannot stop the pension plan. Your participation is mandatory.

Because you also receive a state pension from the government. Therefore, it is not necessary to accrue pension over your full salary. The amount on which you do not accrue pension is called 'the deductible'.

Pension from the government

The amount of state pension depends on your family situation. You find the amounts for single persons and couples at:

As of 1 January 2013, the retirement age for the state pension is being increased in stages. The statutory retirement age in 2020 is 66 years and 4 months. For more information on the age old-age pension, please refer to the website of the Social Insurance Bank:

Your partner may be entitled to a surviving dependant's benefit (ANW) from the government. There are conditions that your partner must meet in order to be eligible for ANW benefits. In some cases your partner isn't eligible to receive an ANW benefit or receive the full ANW benefit. For more information on the ANW benefit, please visit the website of the Social Insurance Bank:

Pension from work

Yes, if you are married or in a registered partnership then you are automatically insured. If you are not married and living with a partner then you need to register your partner with the pension fund.

No, you are required to participate in the pension plan.

No, that happens automatically. You will receive more information within three months after joining. You do need to register your partner if you are living with a partner outside of marriage and your partner satisfies the conditions that are set forth in the pension regulations. In that case you must register your partner with the pension fund.

Receiving pension

That depends on the agreements made between the Netherlands and the country where you are going to live. In some cases, you do not pay any tax on your pension. You can check with the Tax Authorities or check

In general, the Social Insurance Bank ( takes the tax credit (on top of your state pension) into account. If you do not want that, the pension fund can apply the tax credit. You must inform the pension fund of this yourself.

Yes, you can exchange your partner's pension for a higher old-age pension. Your partner must agree and also sign the application form.


No, but you can save for unpaid leave in the life course saving scheme. You can take this unpaid leave prior to your retirement date.

You can only do this if you have tax scope. That means that proportionately you have accrued too little pension in a given year. You need the factor A to calculate your tax scope. The factor A is listed on your pension statement. If you have the tax scope then the contributions paid for pension products are tax-deductible.


Unpaid leave

You do not accrue pension during the period of unpaid leave. You will remain insured for partner's pension during the first year.

No, your employer or HR reports this to the pension fund.